Climb High

It took confidence, strength, and determination for both kids and parents when the former was trying to climb a high altitude. It’s not easy to let go but when the kid seemed to be determined, parent will be confronted with 2 choices – to allow or to stop his/her child. Questions such as “Can my… Continue reading Climb High

Ready, Set, Go!

Photo: CTO. From Standard Chartered Marathon 2016 Facebook page. I was the one cheerer mommy wearing the Santa hat. ๐Ÿ™‚ Kiddos and parents were both excited to finish the fun run. This was non-competitive 600m kids dash organized by Standard Chartered. These cost me 25 SGD for each kid and it’s worth it. The experience of finishing a race… Continue reading Ready, Set, Go!

Observe and Follow

I was not given much thought on how to teach Arts until I witnessed my son’s Art trial class at Artary. It only caused me $22.50 for 1 hour and 15 minutes class. I usually just bought various art media, then let my kids explored the materials so they could freely just doodle or express… Continue reading Observe and Follow

Teaching Kids How to Read – Lesson 1

My sonโ€™s Form Teacher in Nursery 2 encouraged me to start teaching my son how to read during the end-of-term parent-teacher meeting. I entertained the idea because these days, whether parents like it or not, school expectations are getting high. I also thought that my son is showing signs that he is ready โ€“ he… Continue reading Teaching Kids How to Read – Lesson 1